10th Annual Meeting

The ARD 10th Annual Meeting is certain to have something of interest for most dentists.  Our featured speaker is one of our own, Dr. Hugh Habas, whose topic is: “Retirement Money: Creating it. Managing it. Using it”. All of us have participated in planning our finances for retirement.  Dr. Hugh Habas has successfully navigated this field and will share his secrets for success with us. Here are the learning objectives:

1-How to figure the amount of money needed to retire.
2-How life expectancy influences your “number”
3-How fixed and variable costs of our standard of living influence our number.
4-How to manage legacy and philanthropy if there are excess funds.
5-How  to prepare for life’s “curveballs” (risks).
6-About options when financially unprepared to retire.
7-How to achieve investment goals and objectives consistently.
8-investment mistakes to avoid
9-How to invest without having earned income
10-How to manage RMDs and the compliance requirements

In addition, the afternoon will be devoted to “TeleDentistry, What are the Opportunities, What are the Pros and Cons”.   Teledentistry has the potential to significantly change the landscape of dentistry, from diagnosis, to coordinated treatment for people in remote areas, to managing minor tooth movement, to education, and perhaps unimagined services.

Retiring and disabled dentists may be able to play a role in this field that is suddenly becoming recognized in dentistry.  The ARD hopes to be on the cutting edge in understanding teledentistry because there is great potential.  Also, as with any new technology, there can be pitfalls, and inappropriate or ineffective use of these advances.  Come to the meeting to start learning about a technology that is starting to create a change in how dentistry is perceived and delivered.

Details and Registration can be found here.

The meeting is largely supported by these Sponsors:

New Hampshire Dental Society: www.nhds.org

Davis & Towle Insurance Group: www.davistowle.com

Contact: Shelley Fontaine at sfontaine@davistowle.com

Northeast Delta Dental: www.nedelta.com

Paragon Dental Practice Transitions: www.paragon.us.com

                    Contact: Michele DesMarais at Michele@paragon.us.com

UBS Financial: www.ubs.com/fa/richarddemarco

                        Contact Rich Demarco: richard.demarco@ubs.com



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