2018 Annual Meeting Objectives

Learning Objectives

ARD Annual Meeting, October 26, 2018


 “Retirement Money, Creating it. Managing it, Using it.”-Dr. Hugh Habas

1-How to figure the amount of money needed to retire.

2-How life expectancy influences your “number”

3-How fixed and variable costs of our standard of living influence our number.

4-How to manage legacy and philanthropy if there are excess funds.

5-How  to prepare for life’s “curveballs” (risks).

6-About options when financially unprepared to retire.

7-How to achieve investment goals and objectives consistently.

8-investment mistakes to avoid

9-How to invest without having earned income

10-How to manage RMDs and the compliance requirements


The American TeleDentistry Association- Dr. Marc Ackerman

  • Models of teledentistry (store and forward versus live)
  • Technology used for teledentistry
  • Examples of its application in practice


The TeleDentists- Dr. Maria Kunstadter

TeleDentistry—The Past the Present and the Future

  • The History of TeleDentistry
  • The Story of the telehealth industry
  • How/why The TeleDentists developed
  • The market demand
  • The technology available
  • The Future of TeleDentistry
  • So, you want to be a teledentist?
  • Q and A


The SmileDirectClub- Dr Blaine Leeds

  1. How SmileDirectClub leverages its proprietary teledentistry platform to support its affiliated doctors
  2. The types of cases that can be treated through this teledentistry platform
  3. How teledentistry and models such as this increase access to care
  4. Experiences of a SmileDirectClub affiliated licensed dentist

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