7th Annual Meeting Review-Blue Zones

Blue Zones Review

Wow! What a wonderful meeting. David Tsang exceeded our expectations as he explained the background and findings found in the book, Blue Zones. Brief video here: https://youtu.be/XLjdEMducIc.  In a study for National Geographic, the author, Dan Buettner, researched populations of centenarians around the world and reported in his book on five communities in Costa Rica, Sardinia, Ikareus, Okinawa, and Loma Linda, California.

A critical part of a successful retirement is to have a purpose. Prior to our meeting, three of our dentists worked with Dave to develop a short personal purpose statement which each of them presented. Our ARD “Books and other Resources” http://www.retiringdentists.com/blog/books-and-other-resources/ outlines books that are helpful for exploring and finding purpose. This book: “Life Reimagined” is particularly helpful: http://www.retiringdentists.com/life-reimagined/ . Also check out: www.encore.org.

Following the exploration of “Purpose” we broke out into groups to discuss specific actions we can take to make healthy improvements in a several areas of our lives, the kitchen, the home, our family, our social network, and even the bedroom.

There are many small changes a person can embrace which can make a big difference. For instance, keeping a Bedroom cool and dark will improve sleep which is important for health and productivity. In addition, don’t keep a phone in the bedroom. Phone calls, texts, and e-mails interrupt sleep. Most of those disruptions can be better handled in the morning when one is refreshed from a sound sleep.

In the Home use hand tools more than power tools. Keep a scale in front of our mirror so we can’t miss it. Keep indoor plants. They help freshen the air, and people benefit by caring for them. Grow a vegetable garden, harvest and eat the fresh produce.

In your Social network choose your friends wisely, those following healthy habits.

As a Family we influence our children by modeling healthy habits. Encourage reading by buying books and reading them aloud to children. This can keep their minds active and reduce the amount of time playing video games. Do not have TV’s in bedrooms or children’s rooms.

Here’s a link to help get started on discovering your life expectancy: http://apps.bluezones.com/vitality/

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