Alan Roadburg, PhD- “Life After Dentistry”

I recently attended Alan Roadburg’s workshop in Toronto at the Ontario Dental Association’s Annual Spring Meeting. It was impressive how he was able to consolidate his decades of knowledge and experience into practical use for retiring dentists. I’m certain everyone who attends our 9th Annual Meeting on October 27,2017, will come away with practical personal insight to help make retiring successful, meaningful, and fun.  Below is his bio:

Dr. Alan Roadburg presents a unique approach to retirement lifestyle education. His experience is both academic and practical. He was a tenured university professor teaching and conducting research in the Sociology of Work, Leisure Studies, Social Gerontology (the study of aging), and the Sociology of Retirement. In 1986 he changed careers and established The Second Career Retirement Program, specializing in retirement lifestyle planning, and has conducted hundreds of workshops. He has conducted exclusive research among 1400 retirees including 575 retired dentists and 400 retired physicians. He is the author of the Life After Work series of books.


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