An Avenue to Continued Relevance by Rick Szilagyi

A gentleman named John was my closest friend in undergrad. He was labelled an “unconventional student” because he had served in Vietnam before matriculating, so he was several years older than me. We had fallen out of contact for many years, and when we reconnected, I learned that he had retired early, for health reasons. When I asked him what it was like being retired, he responded, “I feel irrelevant.”


Practicing dentists live very connected lives. They are “the doctor” to their staffs. They are important in the lives of their patients. They interact with their peers on issues that matter. And while they certainly have family and friends, a large portion of what contributes to their sense of value, is what they give to their communities… what they give to their patients… what they share with their peers.


I met Dr. Les Prasad at the reception the night before the ARD annual meeting. During our conversation, Dr. Prasad shared with me his joy in having the opportunity to serve as a mentor to younger dentists. Sometimes the biggest benefits you receive, are the result of what you give.


The Association of Retiring Dentists wants to deliver things that you “get” from membership. Not only will there be opportunities to share experiences and explore opportunities, but also there will be discounts on events like our annual conference, and products and services. One of the greatest values will come from the opportunities we present for you to give. This may be through providing hands-on dental services whether through locum tenens or pure volunteer opportunities to provide services to underserved segments of our communities. It may take the form of serving as a mentor to dentists at an earlier point in their careers, and it will certainly take the form of providing more events for you to continue to be connected to your peers. The value you receive from the ARD will be directly proportional to your participation. Sharing experiences and exploring opportunities requires interaction among our members.


Join us… literally. Join us on our mission to help you and your peers continue to feel the high level of relevance you have earned. If you haven’t already become a member, please click here to join us today. Also, please visit and post on our new Facebook page here.


Rick Szilagyi, Executive Director

Association of Retiring Dentists

Lexian Management

December 2019

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