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Managing Stress In Our Mature Years

Howdy Friends, It is again my pleasure to write another essay for ARD. My fondest desire is that it be useful and contribute to the quality of life for those who buy into the idea that we are in charge of our own destiny. I welcome feedback on this, or any previous essays. You can […]

Happiness Part 3 – Symptoms of Inner Peace

A note from the author: Howdy, Friends.  On November 5, 2011, I had the great pleasure of sharing the lecture platform with Dr. Susan Hollar and her husband/manager Mark Absher in Charlotte, NC. at the Holiday Dental Conference. Now I can legitimately say that I have been blessed to work in your profession for FORTY […]

Happiness Part 2

My fear-based thinking tells me it is audacious to attempt tackling the huge subject of happiness! My love-based thinking says “so what,” maybe we can touch on a few things that even “old moss backs” (a cowboy term for a very, very old steer) like us can benefit from. Believe me I’m including myself in […]


In a recent phone visit with Neil Hiltunen he mentioned the theme of “Happiness In Retirement” for a future communication from ARD. I found that interesting and a topic I am very happy to write about! While thinking about the huge subject of human happiness it occurred to me that a way to start might […]

Changing Places

“The problem with being retired is that you never get a day off.” – Art Linkletter “A simple test to see if your mission in life is finished – If you are here it isn’t.” – Avrom King In my last essay for ARD I used the phrase “hanging it up.” Neil Hiltunen questioned the […]

Bud Ham’s “The Trail Of Transitions”

Episode Theory “The ending of every episode in life signifies the beginning of a new one.” Yes, of course, the “biggie” is birth and death of the body.  Within the span of that episode every one of us has had hundreds of shorter episodes -each with its beginning and end.  If you went into great […]