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Chiapas, Mexico, with Dr. David Brody

In August 2001, 16-year old Nicholas Brody wanted to spend his summer vacation doing volunteer work of some sort. His parents, Joanne Liegner, M.D. and David Brody, D.M.D, reached out to the Salesian Sisters of Don Bosco, who ran the preschool Nick had attended. They offered to have Nick work at one of five orphanages […]

David Brody, D.M.D.

David Brody grew up in West Hartford, CT. He received his Bachelor of Science in Applied Biology from M.I.T in 1977 as a research biochemist. In 1981 He received his D.M.D. from Boston University, where he met his future wife at the next table over in Gross Anatomy lab. Joanne Liegner M.D. and David spent […]

Mission To Kenya

Ed note: click on an image to view the larger version. Responding to a mass email from our Association of Retiring Dentists, Charlie Levy, a periodontist from Cape Cod, and I, a general dentist from New Jersey, traveled to western Kenya to provide care for the Maasai people. The two-week trip included six days of […]