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The Financial Role of a Spouse

It seems to me … the role of the spouse in a dental practice has not been discussed enough. We take it for granted that the husband and wife are on the same page, but this is not necessarily so and has cropped up in discussions at many Study Clubs. Since I have written several […]

The Profession of Retirement from Dentistry

It seems to me… there are a lot of things about retiring from dentistry that need to be addressed. Having been in retirement for 2 years following 50 years of active practice in the specialty of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, the lesson to be learned is that one must study, prepare, and understand the “profession […]

Reasons to Retire

It seems to me…that each person has a different reason or need to retire. In my case, retirement came about due to age and illness. My body told me that it was time to retire. As I stated in my blog on May 3 (which can be found on www.dentalcpas.blogspot.com). I had strong convictions about […]