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Life After Dentistry, 9th Annual Meeting,

Summary of 9th Annual Meeting October 27, 2017 Alan Roadburg, PhD Life After Dentistry, Making it Happen Thanks to Dr. Mickey Goldin for all the photos on this page. As a social gerontologist, Alan Roadburg is uniquely qualified to guide us in our exploration of this new stage in our lives as he has lifetime […]

Teeth, by Mary Otto

Teeth, The Story of Beauty, Inequality, and the Struggle for Oral Health in America, by Mary Otto, The New Press, NY, 2017. In a matter –of-fact analysis of the delivery of dental care in America, Mary Otto presents the tapestry of how history, and social and economic factors are interwoven in today’s fabric of oral […]

Stonemasons Retire 4

Stonemasons 4          This will be the last of our Stone Masons’ Story. We have presented many issues and situations to think about that can influence all of us at this stage of our lives. Retiring is the freedom to go in any direction depending on how we think, plan, and communicate. “Mindsets are not […]

Stone Masons Retire 3

Stonemasons Retire III (a Few Years Later) This continuing story is about maintaining the same mindsets when entering the retiring phase of life.  None of our workers looked around to seek or understand the changes they were facing. Of course, these scenarios are fiction and can take unlimited different pathways.  Each of the pathways of […]

Alan Roadburg, PhD- “Life After Dentistry”

I recently attended Alan Roadburg’s workshop in Toronto at the Ontario Dental Association’s Annual Spring Meeting. It was impressive how he was able to consolidate his decades of knowledge and experience into practical use for retiring dentists. I’m certain everyone who attends our 9th Annual Meeting on October 27,2017, will come away with practical personal […]

The Happiness Advantage

The Happiness Advantage, by Shawn Achor, PhD., Crown Business Div. Random House Inc. NY, 2010. This outstanding book provides important insight into how our attitudes influence our personal success and environment. Contrary to popular belief, success doesn’t result in happiness, rather, it is the result of happiness. Happy people

A Problem With “Work” (stonemason story)

Recently, while traveling with a dentist friend to grade exams, we discussed “work” as it relates to retiring. As we understand Neurolinguistics, words influence how we think and behave. Consequently they influence our view of, preparations for, and living in retirement. This is because our retirement is based on how we view “work”.

“Work” is commonly used in relation to “retiring”, and though we all think we know what it

Work 2 (Stonemasons Retire)

We’re following up on our stonemasons story and exploring how their attitudes toward “work” may influence or predict their retiring process.

Our traveler’s brief chats at the cathedral construction site lasted only a few seconds each. It is overly simplistic to say that the workers’ responses characterized their entire lives, and we know nothing about their circumstances or ages. A virtually unlimited number of factors have influenced their responses at that moment, both external and internal, and short term and long term.

As one of our ARD colleagues observed, this story is like an “onion” with many layers needing to be peeled away. Let’s try.

For the sake of simplicity,

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I grew up in a lovely, pre-Revolutionary town in southern New Jersey and was educated at Dartmouth College, psychology major, and graduated from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in 1971. I joined a senior doctor in a general practice in Hampton, NH, directly from school and began my solo practice 10 years later. I […]