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10Th Annual Meeting Announced

The ARD 10th Annual Meeting is certain to have something of interest for most dentists.  Our featured speaker is one of our own, Dr. Hugh Habas, whose topic is: “Retirement Money: Creating it. Managing it. Using it”. All of us have participated in planning our finances for retirement.  Dr. Hugh Habas has successfully navigated this […]


Factfulness, by Hans Rosling, Flat Iron Books, NY, 2018. The author died in 2017 having devoted his last years to writing this book. His passion for exposing the truth about common misperceptions helps develop a positive outlook for the future. Most of us are not as well-traveled nor as informed as Hans Rosling who, as […]

The End of Old Age

The End of Old Age, by Marc R. Agronin, MD, Da Capo Press, Hachette Book Group, NY, 2018. Dr. Agronin offers insight into the value of life experiences as we review and reinvent ourselves in the last decades of our lives.   Our lives are composed of events that enable us to experience an old age […]

Time Paradox

There seems to be a paradox in our lives regarding time. When younger, we had many years ahead of us, yet it seems we often said, “I don’t have time for…” this or that. Now we have fewer years, but more time.

The Gift of Years

The Gift of Years, by Joan Chittister, Blue Bridge publishers, Katonah, NY, 2008. The author has a remarkably insightful and optimistic view of aging. Each brief chapter concludes with a “burden” and ”blessing” perspective for each topic. We have choices as to which mindset we want to bring to these factors we all face. Adjusting […]

Thank You for Being Late

Thank You for Being Late, by Thomas L. Friedman, Picador, NY, 2016. This insight into the past decade’s explosion of technology helps us understand frustrations and challenges our older generation faces particularly since we didn’t grow up with technology and social media as part of our being. Our challenge is to adapt while at the […]

Get the Most Out of Retirement

Get the Most Out of Retirement, by Sally Balch Hurme, American Bar Association, Chicago, 2017  Packed with useful information and check lists, this is a practical, thorough, and easy to use guide for planning virtually all aspects of retirement.

When I’m 64

Sounds sort of musical doesn’t it? Our view of the future often includes dates for events and achieving goals. These dates are arbitrary, calculated, or out of our control. We may retire because we’re “supposed to”, not for any well-thought out reason. The more we focus on a particular date, the more it takes on […]

High Performance Habits

High Performance Habits, by Brendon Burchard, Hay House, Inc. 2017, The author identifies and simplifies actionable behaviors to help anyone achieve their higher and best purposes. The six areas are: clarity of mission, energy to achieve, a sense of necessity, being massively productive, developing influence through networking, and having the courage to act. These valuable […]

The Sociopath Next Door

The Sociopath Next Door, by Martha Stout , Ph.D., MJF Books, New York, NY 2005. As dentists we need to be aware of the characteristics of sociopaths, not only as patients but also as employees or associates/partners who may manipulate us or steal from us. Sociopaths have no conscience and feel that they can do […]