Dispatch: Day Five

2012-11-08Great Shape! The parent organization of 1000 Smiles continues to impress me. Not only are they doing dentistry but also, eye care and health education. Two of our hygienists spent the day in local schools educating 400+ elementary school children on oral health. When riding back on the bus one said that the kids brought her to tears because not only did they give her a thoughtful thank-you note but also they sang her a song. The hygiene program also is including involvement of the parents in dental assisting and even the placement of sealants. When the parents are involved, there is much more compliance and understanding about oral health.2012-11-08

Today we cared for 26 patients, again mostly doing extractions. However, one boy came in wanting to have a tooth extracted because he had some pain in it. I could find only a small dark cavity on the tooth he was describing and no other problems any where near it. So, after some “discussion” (it is often difficult to understand Jamaica’s conversational language, Patwa) we decided to do a filling. When he saw the tooth his eyes lit up with joy.2012-11-08