Happiness Part 3 – Symptoms of Inner Peace

A note from the author:
Howdy, Friends.  On November 5, 2011, I had the great pleasure of sharing the lecture platform with Dr. Susan Hollar and her husband/manager Mark Absher in Charlotte, NC. at the Holiday Dental Conference. Now I can legitimately say that I have been blessed to work in your profession for FORTY YEARS!! I began serving as a consultant to Drs. Sam and Jim Callender in 1971. Jim arranged for me to conduct a two-day personal growth retreat for the orthodontic residents at the dental school in Kansas City that year.

When Neil Hiltunen asked me for yet another essay on happiness I agreed to tackle it. I hope you find it useful. Please keep in mind that as difficult as it seems, happiness is a choice. Whenever we entertain a thought that detracts from our peace and happiness, if we are willing to exercise the discipline, we have the ability to choose again! We can always replace negative thinking, which is always fear-based with positive thinking, which is invariably love-based. Also keep in mind that “victimhood” is always a choice.

Peace, Bud

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