We’d like to introduce a new opportunity for the members of ARD to get involved as mentors.

What is mentoring?

We define it as an older dentist who has had years of practice and practical experience in one or more areas of dentistry and who is willing to share those experiences with younger dentists.  The purpose is to expand the knowledge base of the younger dentist and give a perspective unavailable in any other format.  
In addition,  the mentor will find a source of ongoing satisfaction in helping others.

How does it work?
If you would like to mentor another dentist, you can login to the ARD site and indicate your preference on the “Be a Mentor” tab in your profile. You can also enter a brief bio where you can list years of practice and particular areas of strength or expertise which the dentist feels comfortable discussing, clinical, philosophical, or practice management.

Then, any member dentist looking for advice may contact any of the mentors listed. Alternatively, a younger dentist may post a question to the entire group in the Mentor Forum and any of the mentors may respond.  Further communication may continue either within the Forum, by e-mail, face-to-face contact, or other mutually agreed upon method.

We see this as an important benefit of the ARD and hope that each of our members will sign up. The more members we have participating, the more valuable the service.  In addition if, for any reason, a person wants to opt out it is easy to uncheck the box on the profile page.

The ARD is not responsible for any of the advice or content of communications between people connected through this site.

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