Oasis of the Seas Cruise Meeting Summary

Dr. Neil Hiltunen and Dr. Alan Roadburg made presentations to a small group aboard the Oasis of the Seas during a cruise to Nassau, St. Thomas, and St. Maarten during the week of March 24-30, 2019.  The small group allowed for informal conversations that were inspired by the many topics offered in the formal presentations.

L-R: Chuck and Dr. Jean Lesch, Gail and Dr. Neil Hiltunen, Terri and Dr. Henry Wengelewski, Susan and Dr. Alan Roadburg, missing from photo, Dr Paul Chen and Pemba Lama

Dr. Roadburg’s presentation, “Life After dentistry,” is the result of his career of researching and teaching about retirement. His advice was specific and based on his survey of 575 dentists in the US and Canada.  Rather than trying to summarize his program here, I suggest going to this ADA website to purchase his book.

Dr. Hiltunen described his understanding of “The Science and Passion of Retirement” in his journey that started with his father who practiced in New Haven Connecticut until dying of a heart attack at age 72.  During his 23 years of transition, Neil has gathered considerable information that has included conversations with older dentists across the country and reading many books and scientific articles about retiring and aging. He also presented ideas about potential pursuits in dentistry when leaving full-time practice.

The ship was magnificent with multiple areas for activities, jaw-dropping entertainment, and fun for the entire family.  In spite of the many people on board, there were spaces and opportunity for peace and quiet.  The itinerary included Nassau, St. Thomas, and St. Maarten all of which are starting to recover nicely from recent hurricanes.

The experience was memorable and could lead to additional similar experiences.

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