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Our vision is to create and maintain an organization of resources through education and the exchange of experiences on both sides of retirement. The Association of Retiring Dentists is the global organization that brings mature dentists together in a variety of venues for sharing experiences and exploring opportunities.

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Dave Brody and his translator Gideon, a recent high school graduate who will study Early Childhood Development beginning in January. His university tuition is ~USD$1000 per year. Dave and his wife are paying it through a dedicated donation to A.M.S.

Mission To Kenya

Ed note: click on an image to view the larger version. Responding to a mass email from our Association of Retiring Dentists, Charlie Levy, a periodontist…

Words Of Wisdom

    George was sitting in his boat the other day when he heard a voice say, “Pick me up.” He looked around an could not see anyone.  He thought he was dreaming when he heard the voice again, “Pick me up.”      He looked in the water and there floating on the top was frog.  George said, “Are you talking to me?”   The frog said, “Yes, I’m talking to you.  Pick me up and kiss me, and I’ll turn into the most beautiful woman you have ever seen and will give you the most wonderful pleasues that you have ever dreamed of.”    George looked at the frog for a short time and then reached over and picked it up carefully, placing it in his pocket.     The frog shouted, “Are you nuts?  Didn’t you hear what I said?  I said, ‘Kiss me and I will give you pleasures like you have never had!'”      George opened his pocket, looked at the frog and said, “Yes, I heard you, but at my age, I’d rather have a talking frog.”