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Our vision is to create and maintain an organization of resources through education and the exchange of experiences on both sides of retirement. The Association of Retiring Dentists is the global organization that brings mature dentists together in a variety of venues for sharing experiences and exploring opportunities.

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Welcome Bud Ham!

We are excited that Bud Ham wants to be part of our organization, and he offers his initial thoughts about retirement here. For years Bud has stimulated growth…

Words Of Wisdom

Three friends suddenly die and meet up at the Pearly Gates, where they get to talking about what they would like to hear people say about them at their wake. The first man says, ” I hope people will say that I was a wonderful doctor annd a good family man.” The second man says, ” I would like to hear people say that as a school teacher I made a big difference in the lives of kids.” The third man says, “I like to hear someone say, ‘Look, he’s moving!’.”