Psychology of Retirement 9/08

Speaker: Jill Nooney, Exeter Counseling Center. ( phone:778-7433 ext.10 e-mail: and

1) Concept of “retirement” is romanticized beforehand
a. Going away parties.
b. Dreaming of fun and relaxation.
c. No more headaches from the practice.
2) Often six months later boredom sets in.
3) Most men typically have few close friends.
a. Social network was through work and colleagues
4) Spouse may not have retired.
5) May find difficulty in finding stimulating activities.
6) May be caught in the middle with funds going to aging parents and dependent children.
7) Spouse may feel depressed when children are gone.
8) Depression
a. “Prestige” of being a dentist goes away.
b. Nobody to “play with”.
c. “Retired” has negative connotation in some people’s minds.
d. When no longer bringing home a paycheck a person may feel less valuable.
e. Loss of “purpose”.
f. Less money coming in can create apprehension
g. Other unanticipated pressures and expectations from others.
A) Sickness
B) Poor communication with spouse.
C) Fluctuations in financial markets.
D) Remedies
a) Talk with spouse ahead of time.
b) Develop other interests ahead of time.
c) Develop new social network outside of work.
d) Learn new things, like a language.
e) Take on different activities that may be adventuresome.
f) Give thought about what gives you purpose and joy.
g) Create or join a social group, like this one.

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