Teledentistry Conference

First Meeting of the American TeleDentistry Association

University of Rochester Eastman Institute for Oral Health

June 8, 2019

The first meeting of the ATDA was held on June 8, 2019, and was very informative.  On several levels it seems that teledentistry can provide exciting opportunities for our ARD members.  These opportunities can be either non-profit or can provide supplementary income as we navigate our transitions.  Here are some bullet points:

  • There are already many clinics using remote evaluations to effectively provide access to care for underserved children.
  • Evaluations are being conducted in two ways: 1) By storing information for later evaluation by a dentist or 2) Through live video conferencing where conversations can take place and treatment discussed with the patient, dentist, and mid-level provider in real time.
  • Cameras are getting smaller, and inexpensive intraoral cameras are being developed for sale to the public. These cameras can also be used by consumers to photograph skin abnormalities such as moles.
  • These cameras will also be available to use in pharmacies or stores like Walmart where health kiosks are being developed.
  • State Boards are scrambling to address laws and rules that will guide the use of teledentistry so that the public is protected.
  • Large DMO’s and corporations are being targeted to be part of teledentistry networks.
  • It was stated that 75% of millennials would switch dentists to see one who offers teledentistry services.
  • Consider joining the American TeleDentistry Association to stay abreast of the industry and find uses for it in your office or during your transition.
  • Consider joining The Teledentists for additional income….Dentists are particularly needed in Vermont, Delaware, Montana, and Maryland.
  • Don’t expect there to be a lot of opportunities yet. It is a new industry.
  • We’re getting in early.
  • Usually there is some training necessary, particularly with privacy and managing a patient’s Protected Health Information.

Neil S. Hiltunen,  D.M.D., F.A.G.D.

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