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We had an interesting discussion about time.

One of the great joys of retirement is the availability of time. It is a feeling of freedom to be able to respond to a friend’s phone call to go skiing on short notice because of a foot of new snow. Whatever the reason, having the ability to drop what you’re doing to so something (more) fun or meaningful, means that we probably should be careful about commitments. Over-committing can be easy, creating conflicts with competing activities, which then induces stress. We had enough of that when we were practicing full time, so we don’t need that now.

However, there is a balance. Usually people need some structure in their days, some discipline with using time in order to prevent boredom. So what makes for “effective” use of time?

Purpose and passion produce joy. When purpose and passion are part of what we do our lives feel more enriched, time seems to pass quickly. Our commitments should be to those activities that truly give us joy, not to those activities that just fill time. Be sensitive to how time is being used, and remember that a joyful activity always trumps one that isn’t. It’s our choice.

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