Volunteering 6/10

Bob Couch and Rich Berryman presented an informative, insightful description of their experiences in developing and growing a broad volunteer effort in Honduras. Their Rotary club #7870 began this project in 2002. With a team of over 30 volunteers aged 16-83, Rotary provides medical/dental care, makes water filtration systems, and helps with construction of schools.

Their video and photographs depicted their work and the appreciative people who worked with them as well as the very grateful patients that Rich treated. Many of Rich’s patients walked 4-5 hours for his care.

Don Johnson also described his experiences volunteering with Cape Cares in Honduras and shared his excellent photos.

A question commonly asked of overseas volunteers is, “Why spend the money and travel so far when there are great needs locally, right here in our own United States communities?” The answer is revealing of a broader goodwill perspective. Nearly everyone in the US has access to more resources than those in “developing” areas of the world. Most of us have clean water to drink and access to electricity. Our sewage systems help prevent the spread of disease.   In many areas of the world there are none of these basics. There is no healthcare let alone “access” to health care. Volunteering in these areas opens ones eyes to the greater needs of the world. It seems that no one who has volunteered in any capacity, anywhere, regrets it.

If you would like more information about this effort in Honduras, contact Bob Couch at bob@cobhill.com.

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