Volunteering Opportunities in the U.S. (By state)
  • Missions of Mercy-This popular national program is offered in many states. Here are videos of past events.  Also, we are assured that  insurance coverage can be arranged for a retired dentist with an active license, and there are non-clinical opportunities for those no longer holding an active license.
  • Willow Creek Care Center, South Barrington- When the storms hit, the Willow Creek Care Center is ready to help.The Care Center team is passionate about providing immediate relief in times of crisis, as well as guiding people toward long-term solutions. From groceries and shelter to education, employment services, and legal consultation, the Care Center takes a holistic approach to serving people in need. Most of all, the Care Center offers an environment of love, compassion, and hope, where authentic relationships can flourish.


  • Missions of Mercy.   The Louisiana MOM ( Mission of Mercy) in New Orleans on the West Bank was Sept 30-Oct. 1, 2016. For information on the next MOM program, please contact Dr. Maria Burmaster,  Office 504-341-3120, Cell 504-439-0957 or e-mail to (mrbdds@aol.com)  or register for LA MOM on the website. Doctors can get temporary licensing in 7 days.  For others not practicing dentistry or giving local anesthesia registration can be done up to the day of the event.  Dr. King Scott says, “Plenty of space for folks who would like to be involved in a MOM event and easy to fly in and out of New Orleans and then take two days in the city.”


  • Access Carroll County Westminster Maryland.  This outstanding new facility’s mission is: “To champion health and provide quality integrated health services for low income residents of Carroll County, Maryland”. It’s operation is  coordinated with U of Md Dental School to have students rotate through the the clinic under supervision.
  • The Samuel D. Harris National Dental Museum in Baltimore  is looking for volunteers to conduct tours of the museum.  This is an opportunity to influence children in their career choices, to impact visitors’ understanding of cultural diversity and ethnic accomplishments, and to instill oral health as an important part of everall health.  For as little as 3 hours a week, you can make a difference.The National Museum of Dentistry is open Monday through Friday, 9am to 4pm, and closed on most major holidays.


  • Mel Trotter Ministries Clinic Services, Grand Rapids.  This ministry is part of a Christian-based community services project dating back to 1900. It functions around a 7 part program to support hungry, homeless, and hurting people of Grand Rapids. The program includes finding sources of Income, Education, Faith, Housing, Community Support, and Wholeness for those in need. Dental care is provided free (except lab work for prosthetics) for un and under-insured; and Healthy Michigan Plans are also accepted. (See also “Special Volunteer License” at Mich.gov/lara).
New Hampshire
  • Saving People’s Smiles, Concord.   SPS Dental Center is a nonprofit clinic that offers comprehensive and preventative dental care at a lower cost. Our dental center strives to make patients of all ages feel comfortable during their visit to the dentist. Our center’s goal is to provide individuals in need access to a dental home.
  • White Mountain Community Health Center, Conway,  We only see children 21 and under. Hygienist sees patient on another day (only one chair). Dentist does mostly exams, (sealants and X rays by assistant), with a smattering of restorative. The position for the dentist is one to two days a week.
  • Greater Nashua Dental Connection, Nashua. We are committed to improving the dental health and lives of New Hampshire residents and aim to increase funding, partnerships and program reach. Watch the video.
  • Families First Health Center, Portsmouth. The well-equipped dental clinic has three chairs with a   full time hygienist and dentist.  The schedule is supplemented with volunteer dentists.  Contact Families First for more information.
  • Goodwin Community Health, Rochester. Goodwin Dental Center offers integrated, comprehensive dental services to both children and adults. The Dental Center accepts private insurance, Medicaid (both NH & ME) and a sliding scale fee is available to those without insurance.
North Carolina
  •    The Loving Light, Durham, NC. “Our mission is to provide free dental care to every individual in need in various areas in North Carolina as well as abroad.  We believe a bright, healthy smile is something that benefits both the wearer and the community at large.
  • MOM-n-PA Dental Missions, This once-a-year program is held in different cities annually. In 2016 it was in Pittsburgh, 2017 Erie.  By varying locations, there are more opportunities to involve new dentists and serve more patients.  This program operates similarly to other MOM programs. As of November, 2016, over $3,000,000 of care has been provided.
  • Maliheh Free Clinic, Salt Lake City.  Started in 2005, the clinic provides free medical services to the uninsured of the greater Salt Lake area. The clinic is staffed by over 300 volunteers including doctors, dentists, nurses, social workers, techs, interpreters and clerical staff who donate their time and talent to the clinic. We are always in need of dentists willing to volunteer a few hours a month.


  • Rutland Free Clinic, Rutland,  We provide medical services to the uninsured population. We also are fortunate to have a couple of dentists who volunteer to see a patient a week. We are very grateful for them but the need far outweighs our capacity. We are always looking for volunteers and provide the malpractice insurance as long as the license is current. We would love to chat with any possible volunteers.
          Hospice Although this doesn’t involve clinical dentistry, the training we have as
          dentists can enable us to be qualified to work well in this end-of-life organization.
International Volunteering Opportunities
      • ADA International Volunteer Information (Edit) This is an excellent site for information on over 100 international opportunities available to dentists. One can select a country, the type of program you’re interested in, and even religious affiliation if desired.
      • Alliance For Smiles (Edit)
      • Belize Mission Project (Edit) A Christian faith based medical/dental program that has been providing dental care in Belize since 1993. Also contact Dr. Frank Whipps at 618-532-1821.
      • Cape Cares (Edit) Volunteer in Honduras doing operative dentistry, extractions, and endo. -DJ
      • Dental Mission Trips (Edit) This site offers a database that allows users to search globally for faith-based volunteer opportunities.
      • Great Shape! (Edit) This organization runs a program in Jamaica called 1000 Smiles. It boasts being the largest international humanitarian dental project, and operates in conjunction with Sandals Resort.
      • Hatian Health Foundation (Edit) Jeremy Lowney, D.D.S., M.S., M.P.H. has been working in this impoverished country for 30 years. View his description of cholera and the events of 2010 in the video on the home page.
      • Health Volunteers Overseas (Edit) HVO is an organization that works within local communities mostly teaching about health rather than treating disease. Check out the photos to get a good feeling for the program. NH
      • Med Arm in Arm (Edit) Combine hard work with a safari in Swaziland through this organization based in California. They have also worked in Siberia. Contact them through the website.
      • Remote Area Medical (Edit) Remote Area Medical (RAM) originally provided care outside the US and now focuses primariy on needs within the US through both permanent and temporary facilities.
      • Remote Area Medical Volunteer Registration System (Edit) On line registration for upcoming volunteer opportunities across the USA.